Come check out our new bigger Tiki Hut & Bar... Welcome to the Pit Bar B Q....

"Welcome to “The Pit Bar B Q”

What makes “The Pit” outshine all others you might ask?

Well, it’s all in the secret homemade basting sauce and the Blackjack Oak we used to grill our meats, that imparts that oooh sooo sweet, fallin’-apart succulent smokiness to every bite!

You can’t go wrong with any of our platters, but we have earned our reputation with those achingly tender, off-the-bone, meaty Ribs. They are truly to die for, in a good way of course! In fact, the bare bones are all that will remain on your plate!

Don’t worry ‘bout the portions, they are generous enough to feed a horse, especially when paired up with those sweet homemade sides like the tangy, not goopy slaw, sweetest baked beans you’ll ever have, fresh Fry Biscuits, choice of fries or homey potato salad and last but not least, that sweet corn-on-the-cob is sure to finish the job! For dessert, well, among others, our homemade Key Lime Pie wins by far, we serve it up with more whipped cream than you need, but what heck, consider it a treat from “The Pit!”

You may have noticed “The Pit” has received a nice face lift, that’s right, it’s all good, we are not sophisticated, but we are nice and tidy now. You may choose to dine indoors or outdoors under our newly built chickee huts. Go ahead; enjoy the nice breeze while you savor your ‘cue contentment!

As we celebrate our 52nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY we would like to say “Thanks” to all of you for keeping us going, we truly value your business and will make every effort to make your visit as pleasant and sdatisfying as can be!


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